Building Pathways Pre‐Apprenticeship Program

Are you ready to begin a career as as skilled building tradesmen / tradeswomen in construction and transportation? Don’t Miss The Building Pathways Pre‐Apprenticeship Program!

Building Pathways Pre‐Apprenticeship Program is holding a presentation in Everett on Tuesday, July 19 @ 6PM. This session will be held at Everett City Hall, Keverian Room 484 Broadway Everett, MA.


You must attend an informational session in order to apply. Participants of the Building Pathways Pre‐Apprenticeship Program must be a resident of Suffolk, Norfolk, or Middlesex counties.

Women are encouraged to apply.

Wynn Boston Harbor Upcoming Bid Opportunities

Suffolk Construction is currently looking for locally-based and M/W/VBE contractors, suppliers, and service providers for the following opportunities on their Wynn Boston Harbor project. Wynn Boston Harbor and Suffolk Construction are committed to engaging local, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses.

BAS / Controls June/July 2016 Mid July 2016
Air Handlers, Chillers, Cogen, Generators June/July 2016 Mid July 2016
Electrical Distribution Equipment June/July 2016 Mid July 2016
Structural Steel June/July 2016 Mid July 2016
DMP/Rock Anchors July 2016 Late July 2016
Marine Work July 2016 Late August 2016
Podium Facade July/August 2016 Mid July 2016
Concrete July/August 2016 Late August 2016
Mechanical July/August 2016 Late Sept 2016
Electrical July/August 2016 Late Sept 2016
Plumbing July/August 2016 Late Sept 2016
Fire Protection July/August 2016 Late Sept 2016
Waterproofing / Roofing July/August 2016 Mid Oct 2016
Spray Fireproofing July/August 2016 Mid Oct 2016
Food Service Equipment July/August 2016 Mid Oct 2016
Tile / Interior Stone July/August 2016 Mid Oct 2016
Millwork July/August 2016 Mid Oct 2016
GWB July/August 2016 Mid Oct 2016
Carpet and Resilient July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Painting July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Landscaping July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
CMU July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Misc. Metals July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Doors/ Frames/ Hardware July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Glass and Glazing July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Division 10 Specialties July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Division 11 Equipment July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016
Division 12 Furnishings July/August 2016 Mid Nov 2016

Please direct any questions to

Recent Awards:

  • Ferguson Neurdorf Glass – Hotel Tower Curtain Wall
  • J. Derenzo Co – Site Work
  • Trevi Icos – Slurry Walls & LBEs
  • The Railroad Associates Corp – Temporary Rail Spur
  • Otis Elevator – Elevator
  • Vynorius – Pile Driving

** For first tier subcontractors**

To begin the pre-qualification process, please see the information below.



Resorts wins key state OK

Resorts wins key state OK

On Monday, April 25th the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved Wynn Boston Harbor Section 61 environmental report!

Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Boston Harbor, called the approval the most “thoroughly analyzed and publicly scrutinized environmental study of any private development” in state history!

In awarding Wynn Boston Harbor a key environmental approval for its proposed 
$2 billion Everett resort, the gaming commission tucked in a clause that could subject developers to paying even more toward relieving traffic concerns in Charlestown’s Sullivan Square.

The “re-opener” the board included yesterday in giving the green light to Wynn’s environmental and traffic plans gives it the power to “adjust Wynn’s contribution” to paying for both a working group focused on traffic issues or for mitigating traffic directly.

Read the full Boston Herald article

Wynn Forced To Halt Hiring & Construction On $1.7 Billion Everett Resort Due To Somerville Lawsuit

LAS VEGAS (February 24, 2016)—Wynn Everett announced today that all hiring and the start of construction on the $1.7 billion five-star Wynn Everett resort has come to an abrupt stop due to the Chapter 91 environmental appeal recently filed by Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone. The appeal by Mayor Curtatone has resulted in Wynn:

  • Cancelling seven job fairs scheduled for Somerville, Everett, Boston, Malden, Medford, Chelsea and Cambridge.
  • Immediately freezing all hiring for the 4,000 union construction jobs and all operational positions that Wynn was starting to fill.
  • Cancelling Wynn’s planned April construction groundbreaking.

While announcing the halt in hiring and construction, Wynn reaffirmed its commitment to its destination resort in Everett and vowed to vigorously fight Somerville’s appeal.

“Wynn has never been more resolved or motivated to build our resort in Everett,” said Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Everett. “Unfortunately, the appeal by Somerville’s Mayor leaves us no choice but to shut down our permanent building construction down. We can’t put a shovel in the ground to build until a final conclusion is reached.”

Mayor Curtatone’s appeal of Wynn’s Chapter 91 license will also cost the Commonwealth $660 million a year/$55 million a month. The $660 million annual figure includes direct annual expenditures from Wynn: $242 million in annual taxes and fees, $170 million in payroll and $248 million in goods and services to operate and maintain the $1.7 billion five-star resort.

The delay will severely impact schoolchildren, public safety, healthcare, transportation, parks and non-profits across the state. Following is the allocation of Wynn’s anticipated $242 million in annual gaming taxes and fees:



The appeal filed by Mayor Curtatone is based almost entirely on the claim that increased traffic from Wynn Everett will generate more than 18,000 vehicle trips a day to the region and the emission from the vehicles would cause harm to the residents of Somerville. In response, Wynn highlights the following facts:

  • While Somerville claims that the 18,000 vehicle trips a day generated by Wynn will negatively impact the health of Somerville residents, Mayor Curtatone fails to mention that three Somerville projects that he strongly supports (Assembly Row, future Assembly Square expansion,Union Square Redevelopment and Northpoint/Somerville portion) will generate more than 85,994 total new vehicle trips per day—nearly 475% more cars than Wynn Everett will generate. All of these projects are within two miles from Wynn Everett.
  • Wynn has spent three years and has completed 20 exhaustive environmental and traffic plans that have been thoroughly reviewed by three federal agencies, 12 state agencies, 14 municipalities and 20 local organizations. These studies demonstrate that Wynn would add the following traffic to Route 93:

o   Only 0.85% (less than 1%) onto Route 93 Southbound

o   Only 1.97% (less than 2%) onto Route 93 Northbound

  • Wynn and Somerville participated and completed a mutually agreed upon arbitration process in 2014. Wynn won the arbitration, with Somerville getting nearly all the money that it asked for—except for an unsubstantiated $1.5 million annual payment. Somerville agreed to the settlement and has accepted and cashed the first payment by Wynn. Now, Somerville is seeking the exact same demands that were denied in 2014 by the arbitrators

Preparation and remediation of the 33-acre Wynn site along the Mystic River began in October of 2015 and was progressing on schedule. Construction of the Wynn Resort in Everett will generate 4,000 union construction jobs that cover 10 million total work hours. An additional 4,000 permanent operational jobs will be created when the resort is open.